Below are selected commissions I have taken on for friends and family. Reach out to me at if you are interested in discussing a commission.

This was an anniversary present from a husband to his wife and is based on a photo taken on their wedding day in the presence of this big, beautiful tree. I’m told that the bride— in her beautiful wedding dress— was loaded into the back of a pickup truck and driven through a creek and farm fields in order to reach this special tree for the photo shoot! What a great memory to have of such a special day!

Wood burning commission I completed in 2021

This is a commission I finished recently to be a wedding present. ❤️LOVED working on it!!!❤️

“Rome” at Lutherwald
by Julie Ann Biddle
Acrylic on canvas
(17″x 14″)

My son served as a camp counselor for a couple of summers for Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Indiana-Kentucky at Lutherwald and this was his cabin. He sent me a couple of photos and made his request. I tried to convey peace as well as possibilities; I like to think that is what my son and his charges found there. After I finished his painting, he surprised me by commissioning a second one that he donated the camp.

And, yes, there’s poison ivy….

Flowers Around the Pond
Through the Archway
Madonna Reflected
Acrylic on canvas
(10”x 8”) each

I absolutely LOVE this garden! I was thrilled to do a second commission involving it—this time a trio of smaller paintings. I wanted to honor the creativity, the artistry, on display in this plot of ground, and again highlight the sense of peace.

Bert’s Garden
Acrylic on Gessoed Board
24”x 36”

This was a surprise Christmas present for the talented lady who created this garden from her husband and family. I did my best to capture the abundance, the energy, and the sense of peace I felt walking through this space.


Wood Burning and Acrylic paint on tree cookie